Author J. Makela 

It starts out calm and by midday it’s a frigin tsunami and then it calms again and then I go to sleep to the calm of sound of the wave and get hit by 10 foot wave at 10:30 pm for a pick up
from the Brewhouse to drop my 21 year old off at her new guys house on the northside of town.. Love you we go..
then back to sleep, settle in again, 11:15 my in like an elephant husband arrives home.. munches down a plate full of nachos and porgies in bed, while I’m trying to ride the wave..finally I can sleep..
nope! 3:45am another precious I love you daughter graces me with her trying to put the key in the door. She can’t seem to find the hole.. she feeling snackie.. so why not a quiet bag of chips that won’t open.. 😳
and then back to sleep and then I’m sleep dreaming that I’m laying on the beach, relaxing and baking in the hot sun..and holy mother fucker next I am literally having my face being dug up by Frankie (my dog) that it’s 5:45am and she needs to shit NOW..
so I get on my surf board and get ready for another day of riding the wave of my life.. coffee in my hand and ready to see what WAVE I get hit by..🌊🌊