About Loretta Golby

Loretta Golby – Artist 

Color has always been a huge attraction for me. I discovered an unique capability to explore a new freedom with alcoholic inks. The way the inks flow allows me to create colors,  blend colors, and break colors apart.  This media gives me an overwhelming desire to explore both color and form. Uniqueness is also critical to me.  With the alcohol inks each piece I create is truly unique.

My artistic journey with alcohol ink, fused glass, encaustic wax, oil painting or a combination gives me a sense of freedom that I can’t explain in words but though my art. Observing what is around me causes my imagination to go wild with possibilities.

As an artist, I strive to interpret what I see, feel, and think not replicate it. I truly believe that color creates a piece art, and that is the beginning of imagination

Enjoy the Art, Loretta Golby

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