Author: Janice Makela


At first I was like, this is going to be easy.. but I had a complete mind block! What do you do with this word.. like what block head thought of this! As I continued on with my day I was determined to figure something out. It’s was a beautiful day and the kids on the block were already outside enjoying the weather.. I, on the other hand was having a slow start out of the block..

As I was starting my car, I heard a strange noice..damn was it the engine block making that noise? .. oh well, turn the radio up and it will block out the noise! So down the block I drove, to get to Safeway.. we were planning a block party and I needed a block of ice for the party! Of course there was a rode block at the end of the block! Damn city.. why were they building a wall of concrete blocks in the middle of the road? That means I have to drive an extra block to get to my destination!

Of course when I arrive at the store I was having a mental block!! What the hell was I suppose to buy.. why is there a line up down the block to get in the store? Oh yah, the damn covid! This block head of a guy in front of me, was completely blocking me from getting my block of ice! Hey buddy get out of my way or I’ll knock your block off.. he got the message.. good thing because he was border line on the chopping block.,

then Of course my phone started to ring! That damn phone scam again! I blocked that caller and at the same time noticed that I had blocked Loretta..(I guess you could call this a “sister block”)… holy shit I better unblock her before she notices.. got my block of ice and picked up the block of cheese that I didn’t need but it was on sale..

Drove around the block and noticed that the new apartment block was coming along and would soon be complete….😅.. after all this I’ll need to block off some time to get take a nap and then maybe watch a blockbuster movie! But first, I need to get my sunblock and block of ice and get ready to show some of my dance moves at the block party…

Block… who would have thought that my whole day is full of BLOCKS..