Author Carol Lawrance

The Branch Meeting

The call went out for the meeting

CEO was flying in with his two top aides

Anxiety was high as “all hands on board” filtered through

Nobody was late as they flew to the meeting quickly

A few softly muted greetings and then silence

CEO got right to the point with his message

Severe in tone but also with touches of caring

His two aides added their short spiel and all three were gone

Stunned to silence and then all mayhem broke loose

Gradually the noise diminished and they dispersed in groups

Soft sounds fading in the distance

The meeting spot was silent, the branches light again

Calmly wafting in the gentle breeze


Based on an observation while walking in Glenmore Park, Calgary.  It raised the question:  why do crows suddenly gather?

A group of crows is called a murder and they are highly social birds and very intelligent.  This was not a communal roost but definitely a social gathering or a funeral.  They use these social gatherings to glean information about friend or foe, places to avoid and information on rich sources of food.