Creativity Weekly Word Challenge


A few weeks ago we started a weekly creativity group. To participate we agreed that Lewis would provide a word – then we would produce art, drawing, performance, painting or writing between 100-200 words.  As the weeks go along we will publish the writings / art here.  If you wish to participate please contact email

Jan 27 – Meander,  Jan 31  – Wobble, Feb 7 – Hot, Feb 14- Rock, Feb 21 – Spin, Feb 28 – Wave, March 7 – Screen, March 14- Block, March 21 – Dance, March 28 -Fold

Open Road

Creator Emily KissAfter being a “Covid-19” graduate student last year,...

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Duvet Fold

Creator Janice MakelaFolding a duvet cover in less than a minute..😂😂...

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Author Brian DaviesThe last “verse “ came to me within minutes of Lew...

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Artist Carol Lindner Origami-ish I folded and I creased,  My efforts...

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