Creativity Weekly Word Challenge


A few weeks ago we started a weekly creativity group. To participate we agreed that Lewis would provide a word – then we would produce art, drawing, performance, painting or writing between 100-200 words.  As the weeks go along we will publish the writings / art here.  If you wish to participate please contact email

Jan 27 – Meander,  Jan 31  – Wobble, Feb 7 – Hot, Feb 14- Rock, Feb 21 – Spin, Feb 28 – Wave, March 7 – Screen, March 14- Block, March 21 – Dance, March 28 -Fold

Can Ring

Creator Sophia MakelaThis is my ring project! A great addition to add to...

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Author Brian DaviesRING Well folks here on the prairie it is finally...

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Flower Ring

Artist/Author Emily Kiss My “ring” of flowers, I wrote the quote and hand...

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Author Carol Lawrance RING She wakened once or twice in the early morning...

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Olympic Ring

Creator Janice Makela The famous “Olympic Ring”.. or’s not mine...

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Tree Ring

Photographer Cheryl KIss Tree RING ~ This picture was taken on my walking...

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