Author Carol Lindner

A Dance of Dances…or Groaners!

Challenge: See how many dance names you can find. I make it 18.

The light shimmered and danced on the lake, 

The jitterbugs jived over the wave.

As the shadows waltzed across, moonlight in their wake, 

The fox-trotted off toward his cave.

He two-stepped into the lively dark,

Where the kits hip-hopped and twisted.

Excited to see him, they jigged at his bark,

So tango-ed up, their number he couldn’t have listed!

The kits rumbled and reeled and raved! 

The fox need to catch a chicken dancing.

In the light of the moon he grabbed it-but it was saved!

He rounded it up and brought it back, prancing.

The kits boogie-woogied about,

Each squared off to fill his belly.

Just a minuet, Dad did shout, 

You are all much too yelly!

Carol Lindner