Author Brian Davies

The last “verse “ came to me within minutes of Lew posting the word. Then I decided that I could make it a walking FOLD by writing four more and move the FOLD each time. Hint it reads by in landscape. 


As a young gambler I often would FOLD.

‘Till by a seasoned old chap I was told

“If your plan is to win,

You must toss your chips in.

And bet like you stole the whole load”.

When I was an upstart, my mentor  would scold,

“Pay attention, my boy and learn when to FOLD”.

“Don’t be such an ass,

And learn when to pass”.

“That way you may live to grow old”.

Once as a youngster without any class, 

 I should have said “ No way, I Pass”.  

But I chose not to FOLD.

Then got left in the cold

And learned a hard lesson about sass.

The ante is in and the cards have been dealt,

There’s tension in the air that’s easily felt.

And your blood runs ice cold

But you know you can’t FOLD

What’s this? You’ve won. Enjoy that first belt!

There once was gambler called Gold.

Who played daily until he grew old.

When asked  “Play again?”

Old Gold would just grin.

And say “ You know I’ve never said… I FOLD”!