Author Loretta Golby


How many things in a day did I shake something ? 

I was going to do a video of all the shaking I do in a day but it would so shaky I wasn’t sure you could see it anyways… 

Here is a 1 day list of what I shaked: hair shampoo, Ketchup bottle to get that last drop, mustard so you don’t get the liquid, salad dressing, protein shake that I didn’t drink it all at once, clothes when folding.

my studio rags yes I fold rags, spray paint bottles – paint settles to the bottom , paint cans, ink bottles, my pen to get it to write, glass powder, my mouse to get it to connect, my headset to untangle wires, my blanket to smooth it out, my head at stupidity (lots of times on this one)  or maybe agreement, my hand from writing, rugs to get the dirt out of.

:50 apple shake (my watch tells me to shake at ten to every hour), shake dirt from weeds or roots, cushions to get dust off for the bench, tv remote control when it doesn’t respond, martini shaker, towel from hot tub, my pjs, my pillow and off to sleep I go to from my shaky day.