Author Janice Makela


Where do I begin.. I hit the road at 22, straight to Long Island, New York and then to Los Angles, got bored with that..(didn’t like the earth shaking under me..experienced an 5.8 earthquake!

So on to Buffalo, New York..memories of there.. serial killer on the lose! Targeting college girls! Of course in East Amherst! Not fun sleeping the days and fearing the nights! Time to pack up and why not hit the ROAD to Europe.. off to Finland!

All fine and dandy.. but where the hell is the SUN!! Literally didn’t see that for six months! No doubt the suicide  rate is over the top!  Happiest place in the world..maybe on Friday and Saturday when ever Finn is liquored..😂😂.. learned that language, so time to move on.. across the pond to Sweden.. lasted on that road trip for a year!

Why not back to the big USA!!! Boston.. loved Boston..never forget our place on Joy Street! The only place I know that to park or should I say, PRELLHELL your vehicle you have to literally nail the car in front of you and back hard enough into the car behind to get that extra inch or two to fit int.. lasted there a year and then on the ROAD again for a little ROAD trip to Düsseldorf, Germany!

Talk about a road trip!!! First time ever going 220km per hour on the auto bound and being passed like you standing still!! That was just one of our little ROAD trips to Switzerland, day trip! I loved my weekend ROAD trips to Paris! I got a hard time for taking off for a little road trip to Paris!! Not a big deal, five hours driving time!! Come on guys, I’m Canadian.. that’s nothing! We drive to Edmonton for a day to watch a hockey game!! Düsseldorf was an experience for sure! But what the hell, let’s try Sweden!! Beautiful people and so that was a two year road trip to Sodertalje..very close to Stockholm!! So yes, Ikea road trips..😂..that damn Finland was calling our name again!

Back to the happiest country in the world..😳.. it’s funny how after awhile you get use to not seeing the sun, looking like a walking corpse and loading up on vitamin D.. oh yah.. best thing that happened on that road trip! Our beautiful SUNSHINE daughter was born! But now the ROAD TRIPS are getting old.. take me home country road, to the place I was born.. Lethbridge, Alberta.. literally I would sing that!!

Last and hopefully my last “moving my life road trip”..back to Gods country.. yes, I LOVE CANADA.. now my road trips consist of actual two or three week road trips to Florida (Ems and Soaps) you know these ones well or then to Salt Spring!

Love them all, not gonna lie.. I can order a pizza in five different languages but the problem is.. all at the same time! That pizza was a real mixed up shit house!! How did the Germans not understand English, Finnish and Swedish with a little German at the end..😂😂😂.. my life has been more than a ROAD trip.. but the one thing that no one can take away.. I’m up for any ROAD trips ..If I can drive in New York, LA and German etc.. nothing can stop me!!

Anyone up for a ROAD TRIP?? 😊