Author Loretta Golby

Missing ring 💍

Where the hell can my wedding ring be ? 

6 months of searching for my wedding ring. Lots of rings on the phone from family and friends with suggestions to where to look, even used the ring on the metal detector to search.  For those that don’t know me I don’t take my good jewelry on a trip.  Nope I buy a $10 Walmart ring then I don’t need to worry. Yes, I have spots for hiding things, but this trip I decided to hide it it somewhere different.  Oh we would remember.. NOT.  hours and hours of searching, relooking in same spots I must be blind.  My head was ringing with ideas.. then the ringing stopped .  I was so upset and pee ood about losing my ring.  No, it is in this darn bedroom somewhere.  Ems and Zoltan came for a visit.  (Zoltan enjoyed the  metal detector at the beach). Ems and decided to empty the bedroom to search 1 more time for the missing ring.  About 3 hrs into the search I put my hand in a vest and there it was. Thank the Lord we found it.  Attached firmly to the ring in the pocket.  I know I felt the pockets from out side the best but didn’t put my hand in as I was feeling the clip or so I thought .. Now when I hide the ring I tell at least 2 people.  What a terrible felling to lose your ring when you know it was you and your mind can’t connect the dots to make a ring to find it.  so happy to find it !! 🥰💍