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The projects might be with Glass (fused or stained ), Alcohol Inks, Abstracts using Acrylic and Oil painting.  I love a variety of items, or even website development, contact me for for more information. Enjoy the journey with me.  


Can Ring

Creator Sophia Makela

This is my ring project! A great addition to add to the RING of your can🤗

Sunset Ring

Author Carol Lindner

When I heard that the word was Ring, these lines by Leonard Cohen popped into my head:

Ring the bells that still can ring,

Forget your perfect offering.

There is a crack, a crack in everything,

That’s how the light gets in,

That’s how the light gets in. 

I took a picture of the light getting in. 


Author Brian Davies


Well folks here on the prairie it is finally spRING,

And before too long summer storms will be batterRING us.

But that is not what I intend to bRING to the group today.

We all know that a struck bell and a plucked stRING will RING, 

The tone or note that you hear is the resonant frequency of the bell or stRING,

 but the RINGing will decay with time so what if we want add sustain ie. prolong the RING?

We need to add a bit of positive feedback. We’ll concentrate on the stRING for now.

If the instrument (think guitar) is connected to an amplifier then we can pluck the stRING

and gradually turn up the volume until we can maintain the RING. Not like Jimi who overdid it… A LOT!

Another type of audio RINGing can be used to set up a PA system.

Set a mic on the stage and start turning up the amp until it is just starting to RING (feedback). 

You have found the primary resonant frequency of the room. 

Using your graphic equalizer (you are using one right?) you can adjust the appropriate

band to compensate for the resonance. Repeat as necessary.

A full house later will also help.

So once again I have added a little lesson in with my stRING.


Author Carol Lawrance 


She wakened once or twice in the early morning by the ring of the telephone.  By the time, she roused herself awake and started to get up the ring had stopped.  This was unsettling to her as an early dawn call usually spelled bad news.

The early morning ring started to happen frequently and then she thought that someone was harassing her.  The person, whomever, seemed to know just when to hang up!

As the early morning routine ring continued, she finally spoke to a dear friend about it.  The friend offered to stay over to see what was happening and to try to “catch the caller”.  After several days, her friend did not hear any ring, however she was still getting up to answer the ring.  

Her friend continued periodically to monitor the situation and never hearing calls prompted a discussion with the family doctor.  The diagnosis was auditory hallucination, only in the early morning.  It appeared the ring occurred when she was coming out of a deep sleep.

There was not a cure.  Even knowing that the calls were not real did not stop her attempting to get up to answer the ring.

One day the phone rang early as usual.  She did not rouse nor move to answer.

Ring, ring, ring…endlessly.


Ring Drawing

Artist Lewis Davies

Wow, what a total coincidence.

I decided last Sunday to do jewelry-design style of drawing and the only ring available to work from was Loretta’s.

It was late in the week before I heard anything about the missing ring story.

Missing Ring

Author Loretta Golby

Missing ring 💍

Where the hell can my wedding ring be ? 

6 months of searching for my wedding ring. Lots of rings on the phone from family and friends with suggestions to where to look, even used the ring on the metal detector to search.  For those that don’t know me I don’t take my good jewelry on a trip.  Nope I buy a $10 Walmart ring then I don’t need to worry. Yes, I have spots for hiding things, but this trip I decided to hide it it somewhere different.  Oh we would remember.. NOT.  hours and hours of searching, relooking in same spots I must be blind.  My head was ringing with ideas.. then the ringing stopped .  I was so upset and pee ood about losing my ring.  No, it is in this darn bedroom somewhere.  Ems and Zoltan came for a visit.  (Zoltan enjoyed the  metal detector at the beach). Ems and decided to empty the bedroom to search 1 more time for the missing ring.  About 3 hrs into the search I put my hand in a vest and there it was. Thank the Lord we found it.  Attached firmly to the ring in the pocket.  I know I felt the pockets from out side the best but didn’t put my hand in as I was feeling the clip or so I thought .. Now when I hide the ring I tell at least 2 people.  What a terrible felling to lose your ring when you know it was you and your mind can’t connect the dots to make a ring to find it.  so happy to find it !! 🥰💍

Olympic Ring

Creator Janice Makela

The famous “Olympic Ring”.. or rings..it’s not mine but I feel like we cheered and supported Mikko enough that it’s part of all of us! It hangs in our house and definitely a very proud accomplishment. Sorry everyone it’s not for Canada but Finland..😂

Tree Ring

Photographer Cheryl KIss

Tree RING ~ This picture was taken on my walking path in Indian Battle Park ~ who knew I would be surrounded by Tree RINGS on my daily walks….🪵🙂