Author Carol Lawrance


My first reaction to the challenge word of the week “shake” was to hear that long forgotten earworm again, “Shake, Rattle and Roll”.  My earworm was the Bill Haley and his Comets version with full instrumentation.

The verses in this song are dull, mundane, and long forgotten.  Only the chorus remains in my earworm, “Shake, Rattle and Roll”.

This was the 1950’s, before most of you reading this were born.  Bill Haley is considered the Father of Rock and Roll, although he did not write this song.  He is probably more famous for his “Rock Around the Clock”, which was my other earworm for years.

I was young, tons of energy and physically able with lots of stamina to rock and roll through an evening.  We did not have gyms and exercise machines to tone ourselves.  We were fit, co-ordinated and in top shape to participate in our school sport teams, at least the sports where girls were allowed. School rules did not allow girls to participate in soccer or hockey.

I certainly do not like to be sentimental about the past, but dammit, I cannot get rid of that earworm now.

“I said shake, rattle and roll, shake rattle and roll, shake rattle and roll.  Well, you won’t do right to save your doggone soul”.