Author Brian Davies


Well folks here on the prairie it is finally spRING,

And before too long summer storms will be batterRING us.

But that is not what I intend to bRING to the group today.

We all know that a struck bell and a plucked stRING will RING, 

The tone or note that you hear is the resonant frequency of the bell or stRING,

 but the RINGing will decay with time so what if we want add sustain ie. prolong the RING?

We need to add a bit of positive feedback. We’ll concentrate on the stRING for now.

If the instrument (think guitar) is connected to an amplifier then we can pluck the stRING

and gradually turn up the volume until we can maintain the RING. Not like Jimi who overdid it… A LOT!

Another type of audio RINGing can be used to set up a PA system.

Set a mic on the stage and start turning up the amp until it is just starting to RING (feedback). 

You have found the primary resonant frequency of the room. 

Using your graphic equalizer (you are using one right?) you can adjust the appropriate

band to compensate for the resonance. Repeat as necessary.

A full house later will also help.

So once again I have added a little lesson in with my stRING.